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On May 6th, 2011
Matthew Courtney's Wide Open Cabaret at
ABC No Rio, the 25th year reunion, Rivington Street, NYC

A gathering place for "the post-punk, proto-piercing, psycho-delic, eclectic
poets, performers & vampire trash glamour beatnik divas."

Started in the 1980's thru 90's on the lower East Side.
A sleeze pit full of radical poets, writers and performance artists.

On this evening, Roger Manning, Brenda Kahn, John S. Hall, Billy Syndrome,
and Jennifer Blowdryer performed, and so many more greats....

Matthew Courtney Mathew from behind Brenda Kahn Poet the old gang

John S. Hall of King Missle and Brenda Kahn

John S. Hall with Brenda Kahn

Poet notes the line up
25th year reunion
Jennifer Blowdryer Billy Syndrome

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Art Exhibition and MC: Mathew Courtney

"If You See Something - Draw Something"
Steps to Nowhere Gallery, Prince Street, SOHO NYC

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