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Nature’s Pulse

From Kadinsky, Miro, and Klee to the great architect and artist Hundertwasser, their works represented nature’s rhythms and celebrates the endless array of color found in nature. Nature’s Pulse embodies this movement in embracing what nature is showing us. This body of work is about how nature affects humans, and the materials used demonstrate how humans pollute nature with an abundance of product. Recycled goods are used whenever possible and are found either by dumpster diving in the streets of NYC, or by taking in offerings from others. Seductive patterns and flowing streams of dots through the plains of the painted surface make the depth of movement magical. The nature in the painting is visually alive with all sorts of twists and turns marking it’s travels. Patterning of dots represents this movement of energy and is threaded throughout the series.

“Callie’s naturalistic sense is rich with visual information. One feels a sense of discovery when viewing her work. Her playfulness is evident in her organic dancing forms, which deal with highly decorated bodies, be they mammal or floral. The paintings are created in warm, inviting colors. We see bodies touching, plants reaching out, and portraits staring at us in curious ways. Callie’s work is an ongoing exploration, ever changing from the recognizable to the unknown. She introduces us to mysterious characters of her inner world. There is a sense of harmony and gracefulness in her work, similar to that of the aboriginal artists of Australia.

The earliest artworks of any culture contain powerful chords that continue to resonate within our own bodies and surroundings. These works are the basis for traditions of spiritual messages and storytelling - a mapping of watering holes and dreams. Callie is mapping her ideas, her thoughts, and emotional paths taken by her.

An artist merging one's personal journey into the universal story; watching markings made by the self become the other. The paintings represented here are a glimpse into one person's process; finding conflict or resolution by creating forms inseparable from anthropological, spiritual and natural forces . . . cycling one's past into the present and back into a common past.”
P. Lie, Designer/Artist