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art diary 2006
The Julia and David White Artist Colony
, Costa Rica


The following paintings were created during my month long residency at an artist colony in Costa Rica.
The colony is located in Ciudad Colon and sits on 17 acres of land. We were a group of five writers and two
visual artists. The rainy season begins in mid-April. While I was there it would begin to rain at around 4pm
everyday. The rain pounded down, after a few hours it ended and a rebirth began. At the front gate is a sign
in Spanish reading "Snake Farm:poisonious snakes will make a meal of you" to scare off the locals, called Ticos.
I found the locals to be very warm and beautiful people. It was an incredible month of creating and experiencing.

Paintings: Iridescent paint on black German etch paper, 41" x 32" (click on photo to enlarge)


Jellililly Plunging Paca Pollen Explosion Three leaves Insect Dog
Single Stem banana roots seeds Insect studio my studio

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