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The Very Essence of Nature
Iridescent acrylic paint on black cotton etch paper

30" x 22"

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The Begining
Two, Us
Sea Pods
Sold to: Hotel 718

New Housing
Green Apples Plan 1 Nudibranch Moment Remembered

Nature’s Pulse

From Kadinsky, Miro, and Klee to the great architect and artist Hundertwasser, their works represented nature’s rhythms and celebrates the endless array of color found in nature. Nature’s Pulse embodies this movement in embracing what nature is showing us.  This body of work is about how nature affects humans, and the materials used demonstrate how humans pollute nature with an abundance of product.  Recycled goods are used whenever possible and are found either by dumpster diving in the streets of NYC, or by purchasing other’s refuse.

Seductive patterns and flowing streams of dots through the plains of the painted surface make the depth of movement magical.  The nature in the painting is visually alive with all sorts of twists and turns which it travels.  Patterning of dots represents this movement of energy and is threaded throughout the series.

Frames, mannequins, and other items are often found on weekly walks to Angel Thrift Shop, in Chelsea.  The work that they do with the proceeds benefits innovative programs for individuals and families affected by Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness. Great art finds are also discovered at Housing Works, NYC, they are committed to ending the twin crises of Aids and Homelessness. They believe that all people have the right to a rich and empowering life.

Callie is a visual artist, based in Brooklyn, NY.  In her work, the depiction of creatures, plant and tree life come from within, made possible by constantly taking in all that her surroundings.   Visuals culminating into life’s focus, the idea being to bring people back to the importance of nature and how the shared human life experience benefits from it.

A variety of mediums and surfaces are used including inks, oil on canvas and iridescent acrylic paint on black etch paper. The depth that the blackness creates is like that of space, with each dot applied being a source of energy.   All the art in this show is made possible because of the existence of natural surroundings and the artist’s total absorption in the act of creating.

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