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photo by Robin Kurtz

The Art Studio

Book Cover,
by Callie Hirsch


From Kadinsky, Miro, and Klee to the great architect and artist Hundertwasser, they all share a wonderful expression of nature’s rhythms. Hirsch's work brings forth seductive patterns, flowing with pulsating energy throughout the artwork. Traveling twists and turns in themes of natural order.

Hirsch comes from the mountainous area of Rockland County New York, and currently resides in Brooklyn.  A sweet mix of wildlife and city life, the work speaks with lively energy and motion, numerous stories being revealed. Based deep in natural themes, each painting displays a thoughtful playfulness found in the honesty of seeking out mysteries, the unearthing of ideas. An appropriation of forest and trees, the earth’s bountiful colors are brought to surface in the artwork. A variety of mediums are used and surfaces including inks on paper, oil on canvas, and acrylic on mannequins. Hirsch's most recent work utilizes iridescent acrylics on black etch paper. The depth that the blackness creates is like that of space, with each dot applied being a source of energy. Cells are shown merging, separating and evolving into an array of life forms.

Hirsch has exhibited her artwork in numerous National and International shows over the last twenty-five years. In 2008, she won a commission to design a station for the MTA, Arts for Transit program. The installation was completed in May 2012, at the 105th Beach Station in the Rockaways, S line. Hirsch collaborated with the glass fabricator, Erskin Mitchell in Baton Rouge Louisiana, to create the three panels to be installed at the station. Her artwork has been featured on the cover of both (M)Othering the Nation: Constructing and Resisting National Allegories through the Maternal Body and the Feminist Studies Journal, FS Issue 31.3 Fall 2005 Edition. Her work has also been exhibited in such venues as; the Pen and Brush Club, The Parrish Museum, and The Salmagundi Club. In addition, she was invited to exhibit in the Biennial Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Italy and at the Aukcio-Ernst Muzeum in Hungary. Most recently showing at Le Couvent, Auzits, France.

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