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About me

My passion runs ocean deep. My fascination with sea life is evident in many of my paintings. From the vivid array of colors to the imaginative creatures, my work reflects my need to understand the life forms that reside in our oceans. Exploring the differences between cuttlefish and octopus to trying to understand the concept that the immortal jellyfish can actually revert back to their polyp state when threatened or are short of food supply, the mysteries go on and on. The sea is our future, we need to learn from it and to share with others the need to respect and understand it.

As a teenager my father brought me on a scuba diving adventure for a week with his friend Dick Strauss, an underwater photographer, and his daughter Tina. It was mesmerizing and left me with such a great love for the sea. I started to research the more fascinating creatures, my first love, the Nudibranch family of sea slugs, sea cucumbers, and sea angels. These creatures can appear in over 1,000 different looks. Next was learning all about the cuttlefish, possibly smarter then the octopus, they dazzle and amaze. Here are photos of giant octopus in La Coruna, Spain. They were facinating to watch as they used a form of jet propulsion to glide about in the outdoor octopus garden.

I am planning a trip to Australian in 2015. I hope to sell enough paintings to make this dream a reality. This journey will take me to the Great Barrier Reef, to see the sacred Yulara (Ayers Rock) and to witness first hand the rock paintings of the Aboriginal people. At the moment I am practicing playing the didgeridoo, a very meditative and reverberating instrument of the Aboriginals. I love the wood it is made out of, eucalyptus, and the way it takes over all your concentration. I am dedicated to learning from our planet and sharing with the future generations in hopes that the earth has quite a long future to share with.

To discover more about the cuttlefish, watch: PBS - Kings of Camouflage by Nova.