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The Wave

The Wave, Rockaway Paper, 2012

MTA Arts for Transit Comission
Vast, by Callie Hirsch

105th Beach Station
Rockaway Beach --
A/S subway line
Completed May 2012
Glass Fabricator: Erskin Mitchell

Party Pictures!

below: Vast, in three panels

MTA Hirsch
Egg Masses


Egg Masses

Egg Masses


On left: original paintings
for panel designs
MTA art panel
photo: Lydia Bradshaw,
MTA Arts for Transit

MTA Arts for Transit Program

In 2008, Callie Hirsch was awarded an
Arts for Transit Commission for the
105th St Beach Station, in the Rockaways.

Part of the MTA Permanent Public Art Collection

MTA postcard

MTA commission
photo: Lydia Bradshaw,
MTA Arts for Transit

MTA Artist Portrait

photo: Betsy White



To see proposal sketches
click here!


click here ~ to view visit to
glass fabricator in Baton Rouge


glass sample from fabricator
(click on work to enlarge)

Glass fabricator, Erskin Mitchell
of Baton Rouge, LA.

Erskin will create the panels to Callie's designs, in faceted glass and epoxy.

Beach 105th Street Seaside Station,
The Rockaways, NY

MTA subway map A & S subway line

Vast, in three panels

(New York, NY) In May 2012, the MTA Arts for Transit program completes the installation of “Vast” by artist Callie Danae Hirsch at the 105 Beach Street Station on the A/S subway lines in Rockaway Beach.

Commissioned by the MTA Arts for Transit Permanent Art Program in 2008, Ms. Hirsch collaborated with glass fabricator, Erksin Mitchell, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to translate her seascape design into 15, one-inch thick faceted glass panels cast in epoxy resin.  The project, which included the renovation of the 105th Street station, has been three years in the making.

These panels stand outside on elevated tracks at 105 Beach Street Station, allowing the sunlight to stream through them. The ocean can be heard a block away.

“It is a wonderful honor to have my art become one with the Rockaway Landscape. The ocean is one of my most desirable places to be and my work attempts to bring sea life into our scope of vision. The sea teams with life much of which we can only imagine. I hope ‘Vast’ will encourage viewers to acknowledge and respect the beauty and importance of the sea as well as consider their own participation in the power and wholeness of the natural world.”

Callie Danae Hirsch is a New York City artist whose large body of work “attempts to recreate the power of personal identity as a living organism within the larger evolving body of human history.” Ms. Hirsch’s work has been featured on booka and magazine covers, NYC shows and exhibited at prestigious international venues including, the Aukcio-Ernst Museum in Hungary, included in the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy, and at The Couvent, Auzits, France.

For more information about the MTA Arts for Transit installation of “Vast” by Callie Danae Hirsch,
please email to:

MTA station 105Beach

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