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Partial Jellyfish Panels

Fabricator: Erskin Mitchell, Baton Rouge, LA

Faceted glass in epoxy, three large panels to be installed above ground at the
105th Street Beach Station, in the Rockaways, NYC.

* click here to see the platform!

Commissioned by the MTA Arts for Transit Permanent Art Program in 2008, Ms. Hirsch collaborated with glass fabricator, Erksin Mitchell, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to translate her seascape design into 15, one-inch thick faceted glass panels cast in epoxy resin.  The project, which included the renovation of the 105th Street station, has been three years in the making.

These panels stand on the ocean side of the elevated 105 Beach Street Station allowing the sunlight to lead the viewer’s eye through the stained glass images to the natural landscape of the ocean.

faceted glass
Glass fabrication
Visit with glass fabricator, Erskin Mitchell in Baton Rouge, to pick out colors!


Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA
Baton Rouge

Vast (sketches)

The MTA Arts for Transit

Callie Hirsch was awarded the Arts for Transit commission for 105th St.
Beach Station, the Rockaways, NY (A/S line). Click to see more designs...

MTA proposed installation date:
October 2011

An Arts for Transit Commission, to be included in the permanent MTA public art collection.



fabricated glass sample
(click on work to enlarge)

The work will be completed by glass fabricator,
Erskin Mitchell, in Baton Rouge, LA.

They will create the panels to Callie's designs,
in faceted glass and epoxy.
Faceted glass is like
stained glass, but 1 inch thick and chipped
on the edges to catch light.

MTA Map of Station

105th Street Beach Station,
Rockaways, Queens NY

MTA subway map


Proposal sketches
click here!

To see more images and information on project, click here

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