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Le Couvent
Artist Residency

Auzits, France

Hung work My work hanging in the barn gallery for our open studios


The Future
Hamster Monkey Face Monkey Church drawing new art
Art Show
Green Tree Dog Rooster
art show
studio show

Callie Art

Callie Art
new art art detail Church, France


Callie Art

Callie Art

jellyfish poster

My residency at Le Couvent was such a wonderful opportunity. We were housed in an old convent across from the church, way up on a hill. My fellow artists included a performance artist, from Canada and an installation artist from Australia.

During the day and into early evening, we spent alone in our studios, cultivating our chosen artistic endeavors.  Coming together in the evenings to made our dinners and enjoyed a downloaded movie on the computer, positioned on the kitchen table.  We went for walks out to the cow pastures and took drives to little towns to pick up our meals for the week, adventures were embarked on. Living in a small town in southern France for three weeks was an amazing opportunity for me and the growth of my work.

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Callie Art

studio show

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