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Chinese Woman

Shared Womanhood

The nature of womanhood is an experience shared collectively throughout the world among all women regardless of our economic status or geographic location. All women experience love, endure the physical manifestation of our bodies as they prepare for childbirth, we nurture our children and also our loved ones in hospice as they reach life’s end, we aspire to be beautiful and desire affection through the physical, emotional and spiritual.

While we may look different and have different life journies; the expression of loving, nurturing, passion, and being compassionate are shared experiences throughout life’s journey of womanhood.

List of Art:

• Malaysian Woman, 2012 Framed, 17” x 13”

• Australian Woman, 2012 Framed, 15” x 12”

• Danish Woman, 2012 Framed, 15” x 12”

• Mexican Woman, 2012 Framed, 17” x 13”

• Chinese Woman, 2012 Framed, 17” x 13”

• French Woman, 2012 Framed, 17” x 13”

• American Woman, 2012, Framed, 19” x 15”

Work consists of printed maps, iridescent acrylic painted on vellum.

Jordonian Woman
American Woman
Malaysian Woman
Danish Woman
Mexican Woman
Swedish Woman
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